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A Step-wise Checklist to Prevent Blockage in Customs Clearance Process

The entire process of customs clearance can be very confusing for the first-time importers. The key to a hassle-free customs clearance process is proper knowledge and documentation. For this, you need to know the basics and understand how the process works. 

For your help, here is a step-wise checklist that you can follow to ensure proper customs clearance. 

Use a licensed customs broker

Customs clearance is a highly complicated and nuanced process. It is very difficult to understand and navigate on your own. Any errors in filing or documentation can lead to extensive delays or in the worst case, even cancellation of the shipment. This can prove extremely costly. To prevent this, you can take the help of a licensed customs broker who will do everything on your behalf. 

Assign a power of attorney

This step is mostly overlooked. Signing a POA for the international shipments is directly tied to the broker you are working with. The broker will send a POA form, which needs to be completed and all the necessary documents must be attached to it. Once filled, it will be called for all the future shipments with that specific broker. 

Gather all the required documents

To begin the process, the importer must gather all the necessary documents needed to make the shipment happen. You need to have the purchase orders, bills of lading, bills of entry, packing slips, invoices and all the certificates of origin. In addition to this, you might also need import licence, insurance certificate or test reports, based on the goods you are trading in. 

Calculate duties and taxes 

The importers must have a thorough knowledge about the duties and tariffs as per their goods classifications. They also need to understand the requirements and restrictions which might be applicable to certain goods. The brokers will assist you in calculating the taxes and duties that will be levied upon your shipments in the destination country. 

Prepare payment and submit documents 

Once you know what all payments are needed to be made, you need to proceed towards making those payments in order to take the process further. There will be various payments at different steps. After all the payments have been done, you need to submit the required documents at the mentioned points and proceed towards the clearance.

In this way, the entire customs clearance process will be streamlined. In this regard, you can take the help of Clearit USA customs brokerage and have a hassle-free experience.

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